1KG HTPET+ Filament - Geomagnetic Mauve

A semi translucent super sparkly purple

This material is for experienced users only. This material will not print if you are unable to reach a minimum of 270c. This material requires strong cooling on your hotend's heatsink. Failure to have proper cooling will result in clogging.

*Note: Please ensure compatibility with your printer.. Material needs to be kept dry for best performance. This material is BPET, NOT PETG

We recommend drying your filament once delivered. HTPET+ is extremely hydroscopic and will absorb moisture through the vacuum bags even when perfectly sealed.

We have updated the name of this product from PET to HTPET+ Please be aware that some existing spools may be labeled as PET, but are in fact HTPET+. Why should I use HTPET+ ?
HTPET+ is a PETE polymer, the same plastic used to make soda pop bottles.

  • It has a glass transition temperature of 82c.
  • It is a non-warping resin.
  • It is annealable same as most PLA's.
  • It has similar heat resistance to ABS without annealing at 87c.
  • It doesn't have the same issues as PETG does. It doesn't glob, it can print at 100mm/s or higher speeds.

We do offer customer created PrusaSlicer profiles in two variants:

1. Prusa MK3

2. Ender 3 with modified all metal hotend

*Note: Please ensure compatibility with your printer.. Material needs to be kept dry for best performance.

This product is not recommended for use in extruders with PTFE liners, for best results use with all metal hotend

Resin: BPET
HDT: 87c (100c annealed)
Extrusion Temp: 270c@30mm/s 285c@100mm/s
Flow Rate: 30 - 150mm/s
Bed Temp: 80c (with PEI / Ultem, or Glass with Hairspray or Glue Stick)
Diameter: 1.75mm
Spool Type: Standard Spool

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Existing reviews
The most versatile and best looking filament you can print
HTPET+ is an amazing filament. It is to HTPLA what HTPLA is to normal PLA. It feels nearly as stiff as PLA, and stiffer than HTPLA, but like HTPLA it's not brittle and it can stand higher temperatures than either. Layer adhesion is excellent. It's also gorgeous. I printed on glass at 70C with either Magigoo or 3DGloop. Both helped a bit, but to really get HTPET+ to stick and not peel upward on glass I used a 6mm brim, turned off the fan for the first 15 layers, upped the extrusion width to 200% and increased the flow on the first layer to 122% in SuperSlicer. If you're printing on PEI or another surface you might have less trouble, but this worked for glass. Use an interface layer like Magigoo with glass and removing the print before the glass fully cools, I usually waited till around 50C and didn't have any issues removing the prints with a scraper. For the hotend I printed with an all metal hotend at 285C and didn't have any issues. HTPET+ does tend to string a bit but it's usually just tiny wisps. I tried lowering the temperature down to 270C and got a jam, so I'd stay north of 275C. I did notice if the print slowed down on small and quick layers the extruded filament would turn milky. I would recommend turning up the minimum print speed on fast layers and on those layers set max fan to 100%. As far as cooling, above the first 15-20 layers where I kept it off to prevent peeling I kept the fan at 60%(100% on bridges). Bridges and overhangs printed beautifully.
David | 8/20/2022 11:51 PM
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