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A few things to mention

Hello everyone,

Things are moving along nicely here. Fusion Filaments has found some partners to help sustain our new business! We have been hard working behind the scenes, and working the sales channel with other companies all in an effort to keep making great filament!

We just bought ourselves another extrusion machine and a large pellet dryer! Now we can crank out even more filament all while maintaining our strict tolerance standards!

Another mentionable is, we are working with a real estate company to move our operation to a larger building. We have currently used all our available space with our current building and need more space. 

Other things we are working on include sourcing more resins. We have also been working on getting a clear type of ABS resin called MABS, that is claimed to be a non-warp crystal clear ABS. It is hard to source since the only company making it is Lotte and they don't play well with smaller start-ups like ours.

We have also been working hard with our new young engineer in New Zealand to produce Fusion Filaments' very own master spool. I like to call it YAMP (Yet Another Master Spool). We will be shifting our operations to refill's since there has been an overwhelming amount of requests. We also own the rights to the design so we will also sell and make them. In fact, our master spool has nearly the same dimensions as our existing spool, but it has the ability be taken apart and new refill's added. The STL for the spool will be freely available to the public via Github when it is ready. The best part about our refills, they are 1KG!!!! Video of our master spool is coming!

Last but not least,
We are considering expanding our posts / making videos that will explain the "How To's" and "Best Practices" for making your own filament! We are working on featuring our production process, and some of that intricate "black hole" knowledge that today's extrusion company's treat as trade secrets. We want our supporters to be informed and knowledgeable about how filament is made, the care that is taken to produce it, and how you can create your own.

Let me give a personal thanks to everyone for their continued support of our mission!

Until next time!


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