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Changing filament spool design

Since we first started selling filament we have prided ourselves on creating great filament for lower prices than others. We love the fact that we can deliver high quality to the 3D printing community. Our aim here has always been to give back to the community that has given us so much.

Now with that out of the way... I want to announce new development on our spools. We have traditionally 3D printed our spools to keep costs down, and while that has worked pretty well so far, the spool is not quite fit for most of our customers.

We have been hard at work bringing our inventories up with demand, and we also want to fix the largest issue with our spools. The main issue we've seen is the center hub diameter is too small and leads to curling and stressing of the material for the first 2-3 layers around. While this doesn't degrade the material, it does create some issues with 3D printers (especially bowden styles).

In closing, we hope to have the new spools as part of our regular lineup in the next few weeks so please stay tuned. And as usual, please send any questions you may have. We listen, we care, and a big thanks to those who helped us get this far!



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