Happy Holidays and Greetings from Fusion Filaments!

Happy Holidays!

Whoa has this year flown by. It has been a great year for Fusion Filaments! We wanted to take a few minutes and share some information about how things are going here.

First, I want to send a thanks to everyone who helped form this company. Many positive things have happened this year due to your help that we couldn't have otherwise done.

Second, We continue to do more analysis of our company and how to minimize costs while maximizing quality. With that, our next machine is up and running! Now we can really crank out more filament!


Pigments / Dyes

After doing some analysis of the samples sent to us by our pigment supplier we found a few "gotchas". We were told that many of the colors we picked were available for purchase, only to find out that due to the China trade war, are no longer available. Only "basic" pigments are available from most suppliers. Because of that, we have sourced alternate dyes that, to our surprise, are identical! This is great news for us and our customers. We can now buy large quantities of pigments for fractions of what the samples were quoted. In this case persistence paid off.



I also wanted to take this time to address an issue with the refills. As you can see, most of the spooled filaments have been replaced by refills with the option to add a spool at checkout. We noticed that the zip ties being used to retain the refill's shape were being damaged in shipping. After some analysis, we determined that it was due to a defective batch of nylon in the zip ties. We tested a bunch of these in house and they were breaking just by touching them! We even found some of them broken in the bags they were packed in!!!  We have now purchased new zip ties that are much stronger and resistant to breakage and so far none of them have. We apologize for this in advance.


Beta Filament

Another item we wanted to discuss was adding a new section to the website for "beta" filaments. We do a lot of testing here and sometimes we want to see how well this test filament is working. There are some aspects we are working out with this beta idea, but the basic idea is this:

1. Pigment / dye testing
2. Polymer testing
3. Out of tolerance spools due to other unspecified issues.

We don't know yet how to accomplish this as testing is expensive and no one wants to pay more for filament that doesn't work as good as production filament. These are all aspects we need to address yet. Stay tuned!


New Hire

Last but not least, We are growing! Fusion Filaments hired some help. Since our growth has continued, we made a decision to hire another person. We soon realized that working with all the administration items and production items at the same time has led to some overlapping issues and we need to continue making improvements in customer service. At the end of the day, customer service is #1. We strive to be the best in the industry for customer service and we cannot let that slip. Our new hire will be responsible for many of the duties that we all have, with more of a production focus. 


Thanks again to everyone! All this has been made possible by you!

Filament Extraordinaire


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  • Any word on beta testing the pasta filament, aka Benchymac? ;) ;) ;)

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