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Lets address the elephant in the room...

Hello everyone. I wanted to take a minute and give a huge thanks to those who believe in our vision for creating an open way to share our extrusion techniques. I also want to thank everyone for all the filament that they've purchased, all the proceeds go right back into the company so that we can maintain and improve our operation.

Now the elephant in the room...

After doing some financial analysis and forecasting, it is obvious that pigment prices have gone up. Most pigments, even ones that are labeled "Made in USA", are based from materials in China. With the China trade war, it is hard to get pigments at the same price. After searching for various vendors and spending hours talking with suppliers on how to solve this, the common theme is "the price is going up". And as a result of that it gets passed on down the line.

As for our operation, we have no intention on giving up. I have passed some of the price increase into our products (a dollar) to help make up some of the cost. Even with that cost increase we have decided it is important not to alienate our customers with the full burden of the cost. We are making the decision to take less profit as to keep sales going while still delivering great filament at great prices.

We apologize that we had to make this change, but it was unsustainable. Please bear with us going forward, and once this trade war stops, we will happily reduce the price.

Thanks again for all the support and understanding. None of this would be possible without your help!

-Anthony Kaul
Owner of Fusion Filaments

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  • Public Extrusions…. no wait… that’s not legal…
    Thanks for being so open, about what you do! I would not enjoy creating filament half as much if it weren’t for what you have done to help me!

    Sean Hatton

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