Many changes and updates to Fusion Filaments

Season greetings everyone!

It has been a busy summer here and we missed many opportunities to write some neat blog posts. I will attempt to limit the length of this post, but don't be surprised if I get long winded.


First and foremost is the obvious pricing change.

We here have been busy making filament and spending time trying to find out ways to reduce overhead. Like many companies, we got the short end of the stick with many things. Shipping costs have gone up for every company as they do every year, but this year there were 2 increases instead of just one. There was a shortage in 3D850 resin which caused a cascade effect to other resins to make up the difference. While the impact to us was limited, it did cause some small changes in prices. Part of the increases are also contributed to needing more machinery since we have greater demand, but we should stabilize this time around. I could go on about other reasons, but the bottom line is, we adjusted our pricing to reflect the actual cost of doing business.

Second, increased capacity

We have been actively looking for a new production facility. We are currently at our max capacity in our current location, so we continue to look for a new location. In addition, we have also purchased 2 more machines, 1 of which has been delivered, the other is shipped. One machine we are using for compounding resins for production, and at some point, we plan to sell compounded resin for other hobbyists to make their own filament. The other machine is for production. 

Thirdly, we are trying to start a recycling program

This is a big one. As companies like ours that make filament or extrude any type of plastic, we have waste. Our waste is not thrown into the trash, we recycle everything. We have purchased a shredding machine to take failed prints / filament and shred them into a standard size to re-extrude into usable filament. We plan to launch a recycled line of PLA's very soon so stay tuned. We are also working on finding a way to collect spent PLA from customers / companies to aid our recycling program. Part of that research includes shipping / reprocessing / and marketing. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know! We really want to start recycling our waste to make anew.

Fourth, PETG

We have been testing and making small batches of PETG as of late. So far testing has gone well, but we need to continue with more testing to make sure it is properly suitable in the same way PLA is. PETG is one of those types of resins that needs special attention while processing due to many various reasons. We expect to have PETG rolling out soon, so again stay tuned!

Fifth, a video explaining how the Universal Spool works

We have had overwhelming support for our reusable spool. We know there are many types of refillable spools out there, but it seems many (not all) are either 750g or use 400+ grams of filament to make. Our spools are lightweight and strong while only using 150g of filament. We also offer the spool to anyone who wants to print one or even modify one. We have also published the spool with an open license that allows other commercial companies to print / sell / modify it as they see fit. (, With that, we decided to have a video made of how the spool works and how to refill it. That should be posted on the main page in the next few weeks.


I could go on and on about more things we have been involved with this summer, but I think that concludes most of it. We thank everyone for their continued support. We know you have choices in filament, and we are happy you choose us!

As always, email us if you have any questions / comments. We always listen!

Stay Frosty,



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