More Updates and a Showcase

I would like to give thanks to everyone that has been able to support our vision and allowed us to continue to make high quality filament at affordable prices. It has been some time since our last update and much has happened in that time and we still remain quite busy.

New Colors and Materials

While attempting to keep our existing products in stock we have been hard at work releasing new ones. With the release of Tritium Green and Ionized Cobalt Black we now offer filament in 15 different colors as part of our permanent catalog as well as having several special seasonal colors. We have made excellent progress in securing a supply of PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) which is the same material that soda pop bottles are made from. Not to be confused with PETG, PET offers a higher heat tolerance and higher print speeds. We hope to have more updates soon as to when we will be able to offer this new and exciting materials for sale.

Fusion Filaments 3D Prints Showcase

We at Fusion are proud to know that many of you absolutely love our filament. Often our satisfied customers send us pictures of the projects they have accomplished using our filaments. These projects make great examples of just how beautiful our filament colors are so we would like to share them with you. Below are just two projects that were recently sent in by satisfied customers and we have many more to share with you later.

Printed using Reactor Red and Nuclear Winter White 2.0 HTPLA+by an anonymous customer.

Printed using Reactor Red and Nuclear Winter White 2.0 HTPLA+by an anonymous customer.


This striped Octopus printed with Radium Green and Tritium Green in HTPLA+ by NoSvOrAx is an excellent example of both our green filaments.


Thank you so much for your support and I hope to be able to update more frequently in the future. As always, email us if you have any questions of comments. We always listen!

Special thanks to Delta for co-authoring this post.

Stay safe out there

-Fusion Filaments




  • been recommending to everyone i can.. US filament ftw

  • I just got my filament and started to print with it is working very good. The one comment is the sticker says 235 but it had stringing, so I decreased the nozzle temp to 225 and that solved the problem. The filament I got is the HTPLA and color is great .

    Donald Phipps
  • I am very glad to find a company in the US that make filament and looking forward to trying their filament,

    Donald Phipps

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