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Hello again,

I wanted to take a quick moment and answer some questions that people have been asking. There have been some questions as to why our inventory is so low.

The short answer is, I (Anthony) had a life change occur and as a result of that I needed to re-evaluate my position and where I want this company to go.

Fusion Filaments needed to finish its paperwork for the partnership, so that required a plane ticket to do so. Doing so caused delays in filament manufacturing, but it was needed in order to secure funding for the foreseeable future. Part of the partnership is investments along with contracts that allows us to diversify our work into multiple sectors.

The good news is, the new machine that we ordered is almost ready for shipment. The large pellet dryer is now installed and fully functional!!!!! The Fusion Universal Spool is done!! And we are more stable now than we have ever been. The next few weeks are going to be touch and go with the holidays again. But once January 1 hits, we will be in full swing making filaments.

I (Anthony) also need to fly to Poland for a few days in December, and it will consume some time that we would have rather spent making filament.

The bad news, the lease for our expansion fell through due to overburdening costs on insurance. Wisconsin as a whole doesn't do a lot of manufacturing in 3D printer filament, so many many hours (seriously) were spent making phone calls to officials and companies to try and get a type of insurance that can cover what we do. Almost every insurance company turned us down, and the ones that didn't were so expensive that it is borderline crazy.

We are currently looking into different avenues for expansion though. Instead of renting or leasing, we are looking at buying. That will reduce many of the other burdens and allows us to even do more with filament than we originally thought (ie Makerspace).

That's it for now. The main takeaway here is we are not going anywhere. We are safe and secure, and Fusion Filaments is here to stay!


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  • Hi Anthony! This is really awesome to hear, would love to hear more about your partnerships in progress. Are you open to any new ones or is your production schedule basically full? Thanks!

    Adam Smith

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