PET is finally here!

As a long time fan of PET, I am pleased to announce that we have finally begun manufacturing PET!!!!

We started this endeavor almost 12 months ago and we ran into many issues along the way, each of which caused delays. As the delays stacked up, it moved the dates back more and more, but alas, it's here.

Some knowledge about PET
PET more formally known as PolyEthylene Terephthalate, is a widely used plastic found in products ranging from soda pop bottles to rope and even to product packaging.  PET has excellent physical properties such as strength, durability, and impact resistance coupled with its high thermal resistance that makes it an excellent choice for many projects.  Nearly everyone is familiar with the abuse that soda pop bottles can withstand without breaking, now it’s possible to have the same durability in your 3D printed parts. 

PET is amazingly clear allowing us greater freedom to create the translucent colors Fusion Filaments is known for as well as allowing our customers to print parts that are see-through. Most filament companies use a derivative of PET known as PETG, which cannot crystallize as effectively making it less likely to lose clarity during processing, but this ease of use comes at the expense of much of the high temperature strength of PET. PET is a serious engineering grade material that requires a well designed and built printer to effectively run, without a full metal hot end (we recommend a temp between 275 and 300C) you cannot reach the temperatures required to properly extrude PET. We also recommend a bed temperature of at least 80C. Also occasionally printing too slow with too many retractions may allow the PET to anneal in the hotend causing a jam.

PET is very hydroscopic and therefore needs to be kept dry. We hope you take our word for it that the upsides definitely outweigh the downsides of this material. 

PET does require a bit more skill to print than PLA does, which is why we gave it an "engineering" classification.

Now with the techy stuff out of the way. We invite you to give our PET a try and let us know what you think on our facebook page.


For those of you that have kept your interest this far, you can purchase this material from our website, or from the link below


Thanks everyone, stay safe!



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