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Running at peak speed!

Glad to be back here writing another article. Things are moving along here and we are finally at peak operating speed. We got our new machine up and running now and it runs gooooood. 

We have been spending our time lately making more filaments, but also testing other resins all together. We found an issue with our new BPET line of plastics and we are working to solve that issue. It involves yet more re-tooling to get it just right. We don't want to sell sub-grade tolerance filament to anyone, so while it would technically "pass" it's not up to our strict standards.

We are also working Polycarbonate and a new ABS. I know, I know, ABS is no longer a wanted item in 3D printing anymore. We have done tremendous work in this area lately. We have sourced a type of ABS (not a blended ABS) that has very little warp. It sticks to PEI quite well and prints in open air without warping or delamination. It sounds too good to be true, but it is true. We are currently testing this new ABS and we will be offering it soon. 

As for Polycarbonate, we found a manufacturer of PC that works really well for extrusion and hold's great tolerances with our current infrastructure. We are working on sourcing larger quantities of that now, expect to see that coming soon.

We have also purchased a large quantity of standard plastic injected spools for PC and ABS since both filaments spool very hot and don't play well with our 3D870 refill. We have been testing the new ABS as refill spools and so far everything is working great!

We are off to MRRF 2019 now, hope to see everyone there!




  • I apparently missed the memo that ABS is a not-wanted item. :) I find ABS tremendously useful for printing functional parts. I estimate that 50% of my non-desk-toy prints are ABS, so I’m really glad to hear you’ll be offering that and polycarbonate. I will absolutely buy and use both!

    Re Zach’s comment about 3D870 vs. 4043D: I have some experience with both (purchased from Anthony) and I think the 3D870 looks nicer and prints nicer, plus it’s less brittle. Aside from cost, there’s zero down-side from what I can tell.

    Josh Carter
  • Hey Anthony,

    I haven’t purchased any of your filament yet but I look forward to slowly transitioning from my current supplier to you. I appreciate your transparency with resins, prices, and notes on printing behavior. You’re the only manufacturer I have found who notes difficulty extruding 3D850, which I have experienced on my Prusa MK3 and my delta machine. With that said, a roll of 3D870 will be one of my first buys from you and I’m curious how it compares to 4043D.

    Hopefully you can provide the same resin transparency on your upcoming ABS, PC and BPET filaments. It’s really nice to know who the original supplier is as I associate quality with names. I know that Covestro, Eastman, and NatureWorks are all innovators in additive manufacturing polymers and I try to give them my buisness since they’re USA based companies. I don’t really have any interest in resin material from China or out of country.

    Lastly I’d like to request silver as a color. I’m sure there’s a reason why it’s not currently offered, but even a slightly compromised printing performance would be acceptable for a nice silver colorant.


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