Some noteworthy items

Wow did last month fly by. We have been working hard on our latest production schedule. We wanted to share some information as to why some things have changed on our website (sorry for the late notice).


Our logo changed

Due to some unfortunate events that unfolded at MRRF 2019, we found our logo in conflict with another vendor. We decided that instead of getting in a legal dispute, we would rather change our logo to something else. Many people that heard about this made many suggestions and recommendations, but unfortunately we are a small company without council and therefore we made the decision to diplomatically work together to solve our logo situation. Because of that, we now have a new logo. We currently have many stock items that retain the old logo, but those will be rotated out with sales.


Unexpected maintenance

Another thing that got us by surprise was the barrel in our new machine. After doing routine maintenance on our machines, we inspected some very bad damage to the barrel in our newest machine. We cannot be certain the cause for this, but the barrel has been replaced and the machine is up and running again. An unfortunate event, but we will continue to monitor and maintenance our machines regularly to keep an eye on this.


Universal Spools

Just a quick mention here. A few months back we made the decision to switch to an all refill coil. Doing so, we still had some spooled filaments left in stock which we needed to sell before we completed the transition. Part of that transition was the price change of the universal spool. It is now a stock item and available for sale, and if you purchase a coil, you can also get a discounted spool with that coil by using the checkbox on the product page before you click "Add to cart".


White Label Orders

We apologize ahead of time for this. We have been very busy working on getting out white label orders out. We should be finished up with these soon, and back to our regular production schedule. 


ABS 2.0

Well the word is in. ABS 2.0 is a go!  We sent out a few units to some of our test candidates and they love this ABS. The first impressions were, "how is this ABS, it doesn't warp?". We are very happy with this selection of ABS and we are going to put up a listing for it here to see what the interest is. The only unfortunate side effect of ABS is its temperature during extrusion. We tested spooling it onto our 3D870 Universal Spool, and due to ABS' heat retention, we were unable to continue spooling it onto PLA spools. The heat retention caused the Universal Spool to warp during winding. We have decided to spool onto traditional plastic injected spools until we can decide a new course for the Universal Spool and high temp materials.


Thanks everyone for your support! We look forward to a busy summer!




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