Things are looking good!

Wow what a crazy start of the new year. We here have been busy making filament. Things have been moving along and we have made some decisions on the day to day operations that are allowing us to focus more on things that matter.

First, We finally have a shipping solution in place. This was a big one, shipping costs have gone up so much lately that it has been a tipping point on whether we should have a minimum shipping charge or stay with out current model.

Well, after many many long hours negotiating with shipping companies we finally found a solution that works for us so we can continue to give out free shipping for the foreseeable future!

Second, our new machine didn't quite work the way we expected and ended up shipping it back. In the mean time we placed an order for another machine with higher torque so we can make filament even faster WOOT! We just got that machine and it's working excellent.

Third, our original machine blew a gearbox ;( . Being somewhat inclined in mechanics and CNC systems, I decided to dig in and find the problem. Turns out that the gearbox was improperly lubricated and caused metal on metal contact leading to seizing of components. A new motor / gearbox was ordered and should arrive this week. In the mean time, I've limped it along for now and it is productive if still somewhat slow.

Fourth, we have finally settled on a new color and new pigments. Green is out now, and it looks great! We have been working with our suppliers to get bulk shipments on colorants and we finally have them! Let the production roll.

Fifth, BPET beta was shipped and is now in testing. We have developed a way to extrude it and need to continue testing to provide our customers with the best possible filament. Once it is ready a formal announcement will be made.

Sixth, we have partnered with another company that can supply us with recycled PET at a great price! Part of the problem with Bottle PET is that without a train car load of it no one will sell it to us. Since we are a small company, we don't need / won't afford the cost of 10 tons of it. So this is a great opportunity for us to get PET rolling along.

Whew, well I could keep going, but I think this is enough for this installment. Thanks again to everyone that believes on our mission!




  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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  • I’ve been toying with printing pen blanks to turn on a lathe, have you tried doing any machining on your PET filament?

    The PETG I’ve tried gums up, and does not result in a clean cut. The PLA I’ve tried makes my tools heat up until the plastic starts melting (and dulls the blades fairly quickly). ABS blanks machine great, but comes with all the downsides of printing ABS (including the inability to laser engrave the pen after it’s done being shaped.)


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