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1KG HTPET+ Filament - Heavy Water Blue
1KG HTPET+ Filament - Heavy Water Blue

1KG HTPET+ Filament - Heavy Water Blue

Fusion Filaments

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*Note: Please ensure compatibility with your printer.. Material needs to be kept dry for best performance. This material is BPET, NOT PETG

We recommend drying your filament once delivered. HTPET+ is extremely hydroscopic and will absorb moisture through the vacuum bags even when perfectly sealed.

We have updated the name of this product from PET to HTPET+
Please be aware that some existing spools may be labeled as PET, but are in fact HTPET+.

Why should I use HTPET+ ?

  • HTPET+ is a PETE polymer, the same plastic used to make soda pop bottles.
  • It has a glass transition temperature of 82c.
  • It is a non-warping resin.
  • It is annealable same as most PLA's.
  • It has similar heat resistance to ABS without annealing at 87c.
  • It doesn't have the same issues as PETG does. It doesn't glob, it can print at 100mm/s or higher speeds.


    A deep blue filament for using in the most demanding situations.

    We do offer customer created PrusaSlicer profiles in two variants:

    1. Prusa MK3

    2. Ender 3 with modified all metal hotend

    This product is not recommended for use in extruders with PTFE liners, for best results use with all metal hotend

    Resin: BPET
    HDT: 87c (100c annealed)
    Extrusion Temp: 270c@30mm/s 285c@100mm/s
    Flow Rate: 30 - 150mm/s
    Bed Temp: 80c (with PEI / Ultem, or Glass with Hairspray or Glue Stick)
    Diameter: 1.75mm
    Spool Type: Standard Spool


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