1KG HTPLA+ Filament Refill - Natural

1KG HTPLA+ Filament Refill - Natural

Fusion Filaments

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This is our most advanced filament. This filament captures the best properties of ABS and PLA. It has incredible tensile strength and high rigidity. More colors coming soon!

For instructions on how to mount your refill coil onto a spool, please see the instructional video here:



Resin: 3D870
Extrusion Temp: 220c@30mm/s  245c@100mm/s
Flow Rate: 30 - 100mm/s
Bed Temp: 50 - 75c (with PEI / Ultem, or Glass with Hairspray or Glue Stick)
Diameter: 1.75mm

The refillable spool can be found on Thingiverse 

Or purchased from our store


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