Production Schedule

This is the current schedule and may (not) change based on demand.

(Updated 9/1/2019)


3D870 - Sievert Silver - In Production
4043D - Cold Fusion Blue - In Production


There is a shortage of 3D850 right now, and while we want to get this started, we are unable to source any. (6/5/2019)

3D850 has been postponed again due to issues with it jamming in extruders. We are working on a way to resolve this issue. It seems that the general consensus is to  mix 850 with either 4043 or 870 to smooth it out. Fusion Filaments is not a fan of this mixing, but most manufacturers are aware of this same issue and solved it by mixing 5% of another resin.

3D850 - Heavy Water Blue - queued
3D850 - Carbon Rod Black - queued