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Recycling Initiative

Yes, we are still recycling scraps! Please see below for the latest information


As 3D printing gets larger, more waste is created. We are now accepting scraps of waste filament for recycling into new filament.

How it works
  • We take in scrap material just like any recycler and produce a reusable product. 
  • Once we get your materials in, we reprocess them into recycled filament that can be purchased from our online store.
  • We currently don't offer a service where you send us your specific material and sent it back to you. 
  • All items are considered a donation to us at this time.
  • We also accept local drop off's!
We are currently accepting:
  • PLA (All PLA types can be combined, silks, HTPLA, HTPLA+)
  • ABS
  • ASA
  • PETG
  • PET
We are NOT currently accepting these types:
  • Any filled filaments, glass fiber / carbon fiber
  • Glow in the dark filaments
  • Materials where glues or adhesives are used
  • Metal inserts, or metal parts imbedded into the plastics


We accept materials from any manufacturer of these materials, not just our own.

If you would like to do your part in reducing material waste please send us your scraps!

Please separate your materials by type (with an indication of what it is).

You can also send us left over unusable filaments!

We realize that shipping is not cheap and we can assist you with cheaper rates from our shipping partners.

We are working with our shipping partners right now to provide an easier way to return items, so for now it is all a very much manual process.

If you would like to send back your scraps, but shipping fees are prohibitively expensive please email us.

If you are a recycling center and wish to have your material reprocessed into filament please contact us.

Please send your scraps to:
Fusion Filaments
1701 Creek Rd Unit F
West Bend, WI 53090