1KG HTPLA+ Filament Refill - Red Dwarf

1KG HTPLA+ Filament Refill - Red Dwarf

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A semi translucent super sparkly red. It is made from Natureworks 3D870 resin.

*NOTE* You must print the refillable spool below to use the refill coils
The refillable spool can be found on Thangs

Resin: 3D870
Extrusion Temp: 220c@30mm/s 245c@100mm/s
Flow Rate: 30 - 100mm/s
Bed Temp: 50 - 75c (with PEI / Ultem, or Glass with Hairspray or Glue Stick)
Diameter: 1.75mm

Refill coil mounting instructions:
  1. Print the refill spool above
  2. Cut open the vacuum sealed bag the filament came in, and remove the paper discs covering the top and bottom of the coil. Do not remove the cardboard core
  3. Leave the 4 paper straps in place, and slide the coil onto the 3d printed spool, NOTE* Coils fit very snug!, apply even pressure all the way around and they will slide on perfectly
  4. Lock the two sides of the refill spool together (the snap together mechanism is very tough, it will take some force to snap together)
  5. Cut the paper straps (some paper will remain inside the spool core, this is ok)
  6. Filament is ready for use

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