1KG ABS2.0 Filament Refill - Uranium Yellow

Uranium Yellow is mined from uranium ore and specially formulated to make uranium yellow 235
SKU: ABS2_0175UY

*NOTE* You must print the refillable spool below to use the refill coils
The refillable spool can be found on Thangs

Appearance: Gloss

Resin: ABS2.0

Extrusion Temp: 255c@65mm/s
Flow Rate: 30 - 65mm/s
Bed Temp: 90c - 100c (with PEI / Ultem, or Glass with Hairspray or Glue Stick)
Diameter: 1.75mm

This filament uses low warp technology. Many others have created "gimmicks" to low warp by mixing other polymers to reduce the warping. This new ABS technology is truly low - no warp without the use of modifiers or fillers. It also doesn't smoke or smell when printed. 

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