1KG HTPLA+ Filament - Cosmic Ray Blue

A seriously super sparkly blue. It is made from Natureworks 3D870 resin.

Resin: 3D870
Extrusion Temp: 220c@30mm/s 245c@100mm/s
Flow Rate: 30 - 100mm/s
Bed Temp: 50 - 75c (with PEI / Ultem, or Glass with Hairspray or Glue Stick)
Diameter: 1.75mm
Spool Type: Fusion Filaments Refillable Spool

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Existing reviews
Dark blue with excellent sparkle
Incredible looking filament that prints like butter (that is to say, it prints extremely easily and without clogs/jams/etc). Much more durable than conventional PLA or PLA+ in my experience. Cosmic Ray Blue is quite dark (close to #002366 IRL) and the glitter is extremely fine. I found that drying the filament or printing from a drybox results in completely stringless prints, although in SoCal winter humidity levels, it doesn't need to be dried at all really. See the following images of prints using this filament: » A few wormhole tokens I printed for the board game Twilight. Cosmic ray blue is the background blue of the tokens and this pictures is most true to the darkness of the color. https://i.imgur.com/bP711JE.jpeg » E3d Buggy (color appears slightly lighter in the picture than IRL) https://i.imgur.com/7B0ngmB.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/tl2siq6.jpeg
Jeremy | 11/19/2022 10:40 PM
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