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Why do I sell pellets and filament?

The simple answer is, I want to empower the 3D printing community to buy pellets and make their own filament. I realize that selling pellets means I will sell less filament, but that's OK. I want people to have as much fun making new filaments as I do.


What PLA resin manufacturer do we use?

There are plenty of places to get raw PLA from, but here we only use pure NatureWorks resin. 


What do all the grades of materials mean? What is the difference between 4043D, 3D850 and 3D870?

Without getting too complicated, each grade has a specific amount of this that or the other thing to make it unique. At the end of the day, filament is filament and it prints in your 3D printer. 

4043D (PLA) has been around the longest, and it's the most used PLA material for prototyping around. It has many good qualities and some negative qualities. 4043D is great at rigidity. It holds it's shape and does not like to bend much. It doesn't warp when printed. It is prone to cracking before bending which gives it a brittle quality. It also has the lowest melt temperature than any material.

3D850 (HTPLA) has been around a shorter time than 4043D and is meant for 3D printing specifically. It tends to bend easier than 4043D, but it is less brittle. It can handle bending before breaking. 3D850 also has a unique property in that you can re-grow the crystalline structure after it's been printed. Doing this allows the material to withstand heat better than 4043D, but it also causes the part to shrink when doing so. To grow the crystals, you place the object in a heated chamber (oven, hot water, etc) for a given amount of time, at about 80c.

3D870 (HTPLA+) is the new kid on the block. It too can be heat treated, but it works just as well without it. This is the best PLA material to use for objects that require all of the best properties of PLA and ABS. It stays rigid like 4043D, but it also can bend like 3D850 and ABS before it breaks. It prints like ABS (which everyone seems to love). Layer adhesion is also the best with this material. The only drawback, it's hard to pigment. The base material is milky white when extruded, so most colors are earth tones or pastels. Ongoing research is being done right now to provide us with a material that is more clear like 3D850. 3D870 is an engineering grade PLA.


What is the empty refill spool weight?

This can be tricky. The ones that we print are typically right around 150 grams. Everyone has their own way of printing one, various infill, different materials, nozzle diameter etc. But we print ours from HTPLA+ (3D870) using a custom S3D profile. If you decide to print your own, it could be more or less around that weight. But 150 grams seems to be sufficient.


Why don't we sell ABS pellets or filament?

***We now sell ABS***

At the moment our focus is on PLA. We have plans on making ABS, and we know that eventually when things really get going that ABS and ASA are really something we want to get into. ABS and ASA are coming soon, stay tuned!


What guarantee do I have that your material will work in my printer?

Everyone has the usual guarantee "return your material for a full refund, no questions"... 

We prefer to take a different approach. Far too many times this guarantee doesn't include shipping charges. Our guarantee reads: "If you are not happy with anything about this material, pellets or filament, then contact us and I will send a return label or outright refund your purchase, whichever you prefer." We do appreciate any feedback as to why, but we don't require it, no pressure.

Our filament is made with only pure resins, no fillers. Our filament is held within the industry standard of +-0.05mm, but we try harder to make sure it is held within +-0.025mm. Our filament is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please feel free to contact us with any questions / concerns / refund issues or even to just say hi. We care and we listen!


What does / does not the guarantee cover?

This guarantee covers manufacturing defects for a period of 90 days from the original purchase date. If during the 90 day period you would like to return it for any other reason, the spool will be prorated. For any other reasons that this guarantee doesn't cover, please contact us. We are willing to work with our customers to make sure they are satisfied.